MIC Cancelation & Refund Policy

Updated Friday November 16, 2018 by Soccer.

March into Cups 2019


[Directly from Rules ]

3. FIELD CONDITIONS & POSTPONEMENT In the event of extraordinary weather conditions (i.e. heavy rain, poor playing conditions), the Tournament Committee shall have the authority to change the above format as follows:

a.     Relocate and reschedule any game

b.     Reduce by up to 50% the scheduled duration of any game

c.     Consider a game complete that has been called by the official with 25% or less remaining unplayed.

d.     Cancel any preliminary game(s) having no bearing on the selection of division winners.

  1. e.     Impose the rain dates as advertised.

19. REFUND CANCELATION POLICY  There will be no refund for teams withdrawing from the tournament after they are accepted and sanctions may be placed against your team regarding their ability to participate in future tournaments for failure to play. 

  1. Teams will be accepted through by the tournament committee.  Your team status may be found on the website.
  2. A full and complete refund will be given to any team that is not accepted. 
  3. Any other refund prior to the acceptance date is subject to handling fees. 
  4. These handling fees include but are not limited to bank fees, mail and time spent to issue the refund. 
  5. The exact amount will be determined by the Tournament Committee.  
  6. In the event of tournament cancellation due to inclement weather or other unforeseen event, the rain dates will be in effect (May) for and no other monetary refunds will be issued. 
    1. EXCEPTION Any Team that is verified to still be in State Cups on the raindate will be given a FULL Refund.  Buckingham United teams are exempt from the refund and are expected to play in the tournament regardless of participation in State Cups Finals.  For Buckingham United teams, exceptions may apply but need to be approved by the Tournament Committee.
    2. Spring league game conflicts or other conflicts will NOT qualify for refund.
  7. March Into Cups Tournament and Buckingham United Soccer Club are not responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event the tournament is canceled in whole or part, or in the event games are discontinued or canceled due to forfeit for any reason, foreseen or unforeseen. 
  8. The Tournament Committee will determine all refund amounts for the event. 
  9. The Tournament Committee will be comprised of the Tournament Directors, Buckingham United Soccer Club Executive Board of Directors, and other individuals that the tournament Directors may appoint.